Museums and galleries in Athens

As well as housing countless striking monuments and landmarks, Athens also has numerous world-renowned museums. Most of which display the original works of art once located in the Ancient Greek buildings.

Top two museums

Acropolis Museum

The construction of the New Acropolis Museum was inaugurated in 2009 and has become one of the most visited and most important museums in Athens.

Other very popular museums

Museum of Cycladic Art

Opened to the public in 1986, the Museum of Cycladic Art in Athens houses a collection of art work from Cyclades. The art is over 5,000 years old.

Benaki Museum

The Benaki Museum features an extensive collection that demonstrates how the Greek culture has developed from 3000 BC until the early twentieth century.

Byzantine and Christian Museum

Established in 1914, the Byzantine and Christian Museum in Athens is dedicated to the Early Christian, Byzantine and Medieval religious items.

More museums

Numismatic Museum of Athens

Recognized as one of the most important museums of its style in the world, the Numismatic Museum of Athens has 500,000 objects.

National Gallery of Athens

Established in 1900, the National Gallery in Athens is the most renowned art museum in Greece with over 20,000 works of art.

Museum of Greek Folk Art

The Museum of Greek Folk Art is made up of four buildings that explain Greek culture and traditions throughout the centuries.

Kanellopoulos Museum

Inaugurated in 1976, the Kanellopoulos Museum has one of Greece's most important private collections. Discover its expositions. 

Athens War Museum

Inaugurated in 1975, the Athens War Museum preserves Greek military relics, and documents the numerous conflicts the Greek nation took part in.

Some museums in Athens partly close during certain months of the year due to lack of staff, so we recommend you check the official websites before you go.