Prices in Athens

The financial crisis and the new taxes on tourism have increased the daily costs in Greece. Discover how much things cost to make a budget for your holiday.

The prices in Greece are very similar to those in Spain. If you visit the Hellenic Republic during the low season, the hotels, restaurants and even souvenir shops are more economical.

Some examples

Below you’ll find a list of average prices in Athens, so that you can plan your budget for your trip:

Lunch and beverages

  • Gyros (typical Greek dish of cooked meat): 2 (US$ 2.20) or 3 (US$ 3.20).
  • Main dish at a normally-priced restaurant: 8 (US$ 8.70) - 13 (US$ 14.10).
  • Desserts: 3.50 (US$ 3.80) - 5 (US$ 5.40).
  • Dinner for two in a restaurant: 40 (US$ 43.20) (without wine).


  • 90-minute one-way journey (metro, bus or tram): 1.40 (US$ 1.50)
  • 24-hour travel card: 4.50 (US$ 4.90)
  • Five day card: 8.20 (US$ 8.90)
  • Taxi from the airport to the city center: 38 (US$ 41) (at nighttime 56 (US$ 60.50)).