Taxis in Athens

Taxis in Athens

Even though some Athenian taxi drivers are not as above-board as they should be, taking a taxi is a good way to get around the capital. Taxis in Athens are low-cost and accessible.  ​

No matter the brand or type of car, all taxis are painted bright yellow, so they are very easy to spot as they speed down the road.  

The following two lines sum up the main reasons why taking a taxi is extremely worthwhile in Athens:

  • The average taxi ride costs between 4EUR and 6 (US$ 6.50). In other words, a taxi to get around the city center costs a little more than two metro tickets.
  • Taxis are very easy to flag down, since there are over 12,000 vehicles in the city.


  • Minimum fare: 1.29 (US$ 1.40)
  • Rate per kilometer in central Athens: 0.74 (US$ 0.80)
  • Rate per kilometer in the surroundings: 1.29 (US$ 1.40)
  • Rate per kilometer between midnight and 5am: 1.29 (US$ 1.40)
  • Surcharge for telephone reservations: 1.92 (US$ 2.10)​
  • Booking a taxi in advance: between 3.39 (US$ 3.70) and 5.65 (US$ 6.10)​
  • One hour waiting time: 11.81 (US$ 12.80)
  • Surcharge for each additional suitcase: 0.43 (US$ 0.50)
  • Supplement for Piraeus port or Athens railway station: 1.17 (US$ 1.30)

Airport rate

Since February 2011, the journey between Athens International Airport and the city center has a fixed rate of 38 (US$ 41.30). If you catch a cab from or to the airport between midnight and 5am, the established price is 54 (US$ 58.60).

This fixed rate includes all the turnpikes, supplements and taxes.


If you want to avoid the various types of taxi scams that exist, we suggest you read these following tips:

  • To know, more-or-less, in which part of the city you are, and where your destination is in Athens.
  • Learn the names of the main avenues in Athens to orient yourself.
  • Ask at your hotel how much the journey you wish to do should cost approximately.
  • If you believe you have been overcharged, ask the driver for a receipt that includes the taxi operator’s information and the taxi number, then head to the tourist police in Athens and they will help you.
  • Make sure the tariff on the taximeter is correct: during the day taxis must have tariff 1 on.