Athens transport tickets and fares

Athens transport tickets and fares

Discover the various types of transport tickets and travel cards available in Athens and choose the best option for you.

The public transport system in Athens offers various kinds of electronic tickets, monthly and yearly travel cards that are easily rechargeable. The price of transport tickets in Athens are cheaper than in other European cities like London, Paris or Amsterdam. The fares are like those in Madrid and Barcelona approximately.

Different types of tickets

The following tickets are valid for the city’s public buses, trolleybuses, metro, tram and commuter trains during a given time:

  • 90-minute ticket: 1.20 (US$ 1.30)
  • 24-hour ticket: 4.10 (US$ 4.40)
  • 5-day ticket: 8.20 (US$ 8.80)
  • 3-day tourist ticket (includes return transport from the airport):   22 (US$ 23.60)

Seniors over 65 years old, teenagers under 18 years old, university students under 25 years old can purchase reduced fare tickets. For example, the 90-minute ticket costs 0.50 (US$ 0.50).

Children aged less than 7 years old can travel for free on all the means of transport.

Airport ticket

Aside from the 3-day tourist ticket, the previously mentioned tickets do not include the trip to and from the airport. Check out our article on Athens International Airport for more information on the best ways to travel to and from the airport.

Where to purchase the tickets?

The public transport tickets are available at any of the city’s metro stations, tram stops, train stations, the newsagent’s and the bus ticket stalls.

Warnings and tips

  • Don’t forget to validate your transport ticket when you get on any means of transportation. The journey must always be less than 90-minutes long.
  • There are no turnstiles in the metro stations, so you must validate your ticket at the yellow vending machines before getting on the platform.
  • If you’re caught without a ticket, you will be charged a fine that is worth 60 times the 90-minute single journey.
  • We suggest you buy several tickets at a time as to make the most of your holidays.