Climate of Athens

Athens has a mild Mediterranean climate with hot and dry summers and cool and rainy winters. 

Summers in Athens

The summers in the Greek capital are usually very hot during the day and cooler at nighttime. The hottest months are July and August with maximum temperatures of 33ºC (91ºF) and minimums of 23ºC (73ºF).

In summer the average precipitations are minimum, with an average of less than two days of rain during the two hottest summer months.

Winters in Athens

The winters in Athens are generally mild and the precipitations are more abundant than in summer. The coldest months of the year are January and February with average minimum temperatures of 7ºC (45ºF) and maximum temperatures that are never higher than 14 ºC (45ºF).

Between November and February, the rain fall is more copious, with a normal amount of over twelve days of rain during some months, although these are usually short and intermittent falls.

Best period to visit Athens

The best seasons to visit Athens is spring and autumn. The temperatures are very agreeable, and the days are longer than in winter.